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Impress LiveStock ERP System

Impress LiveStock is ready to use integrated ERP solution and dynamic cost optimization tool for Feed plant, Breeder, Broiler and Hatchery. It is user friendly, highly scalable, and customizable system with capability to record all transactions and activities involved in business operation at each stage and provides real-time tracking of information at anytime , anywhere. A person with basic computer knowledge can easily operate this system. Impress LiveStock can reduce your 50% of accounting and livestock tracking related work. It prepares exception reports for management. Impress LiveStock majorly covers sales, purchase, inventory, production planning, quality control and dispatch. This system provides various analysis reports and sends SMS and email alerts for activities. It enables to reduce & track operational and functional cost. Impress LiveStock will help to turn your big data into profitability.

Feed Plant Management

Feed manufacturing is a very challenging and demanding industry. The market demands best quality feed at less prices for animals. Our feed mill integration software package has all the features needed to track, control and manage feed mill. It keep a tracks of all the activities from purchase of raw material to dispatch of finished goods and final payment including the management of item rate on daily basis, SMS & approval, MRP & BOM, Quality Control & Rejection, Inventory Management & Dispatch, Accounting and MIS etc.

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Breeder / Layer Management

This application is basically designed to record all the transactions and activities take place in a Breeder farm. These activities includes housing of day old chicks, flock performance & egg production, purchases of male/female chicks, feeds and nutrients given to chicks, sales of eggs & birds, feed formulation, payment & accounting. It enables you to track the cost and profitability with improvement of work efficiency.

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Hatchery Management

Hatchery Management System is designed to cover all aspects of Hatchery and helps in keeping record of all activities and decision making. It manages all 21 days life cycle of hatchery operations from egg inward to sale of chicks including eggs grading, eggs setting, eggs candling, temperature and humidity record, eggs hatching & packing, chicks delivery. No calculations and calendars are required for your hatchery manager.

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CBF Management

Broiler Integration System helps in not only record keeping but also in decision-making. This module is designed for open farmers, small integrators and companies. It keeps track of all activities from housing of day old chicks to sale of fully-grown birds. It has the capability to manage branch wise scheme with branch performance comparison and keeps tracking of mortality, feed consumption per bird, bird transfer, vaccination schedule and profit & loss. It also manages agreements and important documents for these activities in single repository. It sends auto alerts and notification for every plan/activity to prevent f any losses or damages.

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